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Reduce Theft, Boost Employee Safety, and Enhance Operations with MicroPower Technologies’ Solar Wireless Surveillance System

Construction spending is forecast to grow by more than 70% to $15 trillion worldwide by 2025 (Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics report, July 2013). Site security is becoming a major priority. With the increase in new construction comes a rise in theft – from tools to raw materials – resulting in loss, higher insurance premiums, and delayed schedules. Traditional security systems can be costly, requiring a large investment in infrastructure to deploy. For more flexible and cost-effective surveillance, construction companies need a high-quality, easy-to-install, and reliable surveillance system that can secure a site in any environment. slide1

As a wireless, solar-powered surveillance solution, the MicroPower Helios surveillance system efficiently and cost-effectively addresses the exterior and perimeter protection needs of the construction industry. The system delivers live streaming video directly to an industry-standard video management system (VMS) and combines a solar-powered camera with a central receiving hub for secure, reliable transmission. The Helios surveillance system offers broader – and more targeted – outdoor protection without the added costs of trenching, cabling, and permitting.

Targeting Hot Spots

Construction sites often have unspecified perimeters, making it difficult to restrict access, especially in remote areas. Helios wireless cameras can be easily installed at security hot spots across the site without the added cost and complexity of trenching or pulling data or power cables for more targeted coverage of high-risk areas. The Helios surveillance system can be easily redeployed to capture new security hot spots as needed.

Flexible for Redeployment

Not only are Helios cameras easy to move from location to location within a site, they can also be easily removed as construction is completed and redeployed as new projects begin. In fact, Helios can be deployed in a matter of hours — no wires or trenching is required — to reduce installation times by up to 90% over traditional video systems.

A Strong ROI

The Helios surveillance system saves tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs compared to traditional surveillance systems. Requiring only a single 1.2-square-foot solar panel, the Helios camera uses  1/2 watt of power to capture and transmit live video up to a 1/2 mile away and runs for five days on a single battery charge. The Helios surveillance system offers an immediate and ongoing return on investment (ROI) to site developers, who can now add cost-effective site surveillance to their list of client services.

24/7 Outdoor Coverage

The Helios surveillance system delivers superior image quality under challenging outdoor conditions, from -40° Celsius to 50° Celsius. The Helios cameras can also come equipped with an IR illuminator to ensure complete day/night functionality and 24/7 video recording in low-light conditions, a key advantage given the unique geographic makeup of most construction zones.

Deterring Crime; Reducing Accidents

With access to high-definition video evidence across the entire site, construction developers can positively identify incidents for faster resolution, leading to less theft and vandalism, and lowering insurance premiums related to liability claims for even greater savings. The Helios surveillance system also helps construction companies monitor employees to ensure health and safety procedures are being followed to reduce the risk of accidents.

Meeting Deadlines

The Helios wireless surveillance system not only helps construction companies reduce theft and boost employee safety, it is also a powerful tool used to monitor progress and ensure deadlines are met, further boosting productivity and operational efficiencies.