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A Safe and Open Learning Environment with MicroPower Technologies’ Solar Wireless Surveillance System

The growing threat of violence at schools around the globe has made campus security a top priority, forcing administrators to rethink how they can offer an open educational environment that encourages academic success in the safest way possible. To prevent crime, accidents, and student misconduct, educational facilities require flexible, high-definition surveillance that can be easily deployed and is cost-effective to meet tight budgets.micropower_education

As a wireless, solar-powered surveillance solution, the MicroPower Helios surveillance system efficiently and cost-effectively addresses the exterior and perimeter protection needs of schools. The system delive

rs live streaming video directly to an industry-standard video management system (VMS) and combines a solar-powered camera with a central receiving hub for secure, reliable transmission. The Helios surveillance system offers broader – and more targeted – outdoor protection without the added costs of trenching, cabling, and permitting.

Remote Protection

Finding ways to protect staff and students from external threats while maintaining open accessibility is difficult, particularly in isolated areas of the campus. Helios wireless cameras can be cost-effectively installed in remote areas, such as parking lots and athletic fields that are often beyond the view of existing surveillance cameras, to capture more targeted coverage of high-risk areas.

Flexible Coverage

Helios cameras can be deployed in a matter of hours — no wires or trenching are required — to reduce installation times by up to 90% over traditional video systems. Because the Helios surveillance system is simple to install, it can be easily redeployed at school events or to capture new security hot spots as they arise.


School administrators must find ways to enhance the educational experience without breaking the bank. The Helios wireless surveillance system delivers exceptional coverage at minimal expense, saving tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs compared to traditional surveillance systems. Requiring only a single 1.2-square-foot solar panel, the Helios camera uses 1/2 watt of power to capture and transmit live video up to a 1/2 mile away and operates for five days on a single battery charge.

An Environmental Edge

The Helios wireless surveillance solution offers significant environment and sustainability advantages because it does not require trenching and operates on solar power. The Helios surveillance system delivers superior image quality under the most challenging outdoor conditions, from -40° Celsius to 50° Celsius,and is available with an IR illuminator for complete day/night functionality and 24/7 video recording in low-light conditions.

Student Safety

School administrators can confidently capture video of incidents of theft, vandalism, and student misconduct across the campus for positive identification and fast resolution. Using the Helios wireless surveillance system, schools can ensure student safety and good behavior to create an open, positive learning environment.

Campus Maintenance

The Helios wireless surveillance system can also be used to investigate accidents and resolve liability claims, improve traffic flow, and ensure that roads, paths, and facilities are properly maintained to boost staff, student, and visitor safety on campus.