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Event Management

Deliver A Safer Fan Experience and Improve Operations with MicroPower Technologies’ Solar Wireless Surveillance System

 Faced with the threat of vandalism and unruly behavior, public venues are ramping up their efforts to ensure patron safety and, at the same time, to deliver an enjoyable fan experience. To effectively manage large crowds, heavy traffic flow and fan-related incidents, event managers need a flexible, high-performance, and reliable surveillance system that can monitor the entire complex.

As a wireless, solar-powered surveillance solution, the MicroPower Helios surveillance system efficiently and cost-effectively addresses the exterior and perimeter protection needs of stadiums and arenas. The system delivers live streaming video directly to an industry-standard video management system (VMS) and combines a solar-powered camera with a central receiving hub for secure, reliable transmission. The Helios surveillance system offers broader – and more targeted – outdoor protection without the added costs of trenching, cabling, and permitting. 

Perimeter Coverage

Attracting crowds in the tens of thousands, large-scale sports and entertainment facilities cover large, open spaces and have many access points to ease traffic flow. Helios wireless cameras can be easily installed at security hot spots, including remote entrances and parking lots that may be miles away, without the added cost and complexity of trenching or pulling data or power cables.

A Portable System

Most stadiums and arenas must accommodate a variety of events from sports to concerts to trade shows, all requiring different security configurations to meet specific needs. Helios cameras can be deployed in a matter of hours – no wires or trenching are required – to reduce installation times by up to 90% over traditional video systems. Considering the needs of part-time event staff, ease of installation and use are key requirements for event managers worldwide.

Affordable Surveillance

The Helios surveillance system saves tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs compared to traditional surveillance systems and is the perfect choice for stadium and arenas, where asphalt and concrete abound, and trenching is cost-prohibitive. Requiring only a single 1.2-square-foot solar panel, each Helios camera uses 1/2 watt of power to capture and transmit live video up to 1/2 mile away and operates for five days on a single battery charge for additional savings. 

All-Season Coverage

The Helios surveillance system delivers superior image quality under the most challenging outdoor conditions, from -40° Celsius to 50° Celsius, and is available with an IR illuminator for complete day/night functionality and 24/7 video recording in low-light conditions.

Traffic Management

Easily installed in areas beyond the view of existing surveillance systems, the Helios wireless surveillance solution can be used to monitor traffic flow offsite to ensure that parking revenues correspond with vehicle counts to reduce discrepancies and prevent internal theft.

Safe Fan Experience

Public venues are highly vulnerable to security risks that cause property damage or personal injury. The Helios wireless surveillance system delivers complete coverage of a venue’s entire perimeter to identify incidents for faster resolution, leading to less theft, vandalism, and injury. With the Helios surveillance system, event managers can provide a safe, comfortable, and entertaining fan experience.