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Secure Remote Areas, Boost Onsite Safety, and Protect Assets with MicroPower Technologies Solar Wireless Surveillance System

In an increasingly connected world where international travel is on the rise and more goods are being shipped than ever before, the risk of theft, injury, and loss is also growing. To ensure greater overall protection of people and assets, logistics and transportation companies around the globe are making security and safety compliance a top priority. However, with facilities that are often spread over large, open landscapes, finding a reliable, high-quality surveillance solution that delivers the needed image quality under a wide range of challenging environments is critical.micropower_logistics

As a wireless, solar-powered surveillance solution, the MicroPower Helios surveillance system efficiently and cost-effectively addresses the exterior and perimeter protection needs of the logistics and transportation industry. Delivering live streaming video directly to an industry-standard video management system (VMS) and combining a solar-powered camera with a central receiving hub for reliable transmission, the Helios surveillance system offers broader – and more targeted – outdoor protection without the added costs of trenching, cabling, and permitting.

A New Perspective

Because Helios cameras are wireless, they can effectively cover even the most remote parts of the large, dispersed outdoor areas common for most transportation and logistics facilities. Helios cameras can be placed closer to the point of risk, from the front gate to the back loading dock, to capture a more comprehensive, detailed, and accurate perspective across the site. In addition, the system is so simple to install that it can be easily redeployed to address new security hot spots as they emerge.

Affordable Coverage

Normally, surveillance needs in outside areas are cost prohibitive due to complex and time-consuming installations. Requiring no trenching or cables, the Helios surveillance system saves tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs and is quick and easy to set up, minimizing deployment time and reducing business disruptions – important for an industry that is driven by customer deadlines. Requiring only a single 1.2-square-foot solar panel, the Helios camera uses 1/2 watt of power to capture and transmit live video up to 1/2 mile away and runs for five days on a single battery charge for further cost savings.

Secure and Reliable

Transit and logistics companies are at the center of the world’s economies, so downtime is simply not an option. With a unique wireless protocol that helps maintain secure and reliable data transmission, the Helios surveillance solution delivers secure, critical data 24/7. Easily integrated with most popular VMS platforms, the Helios video hub acts as the centralized traffic coordinator to manage video traffic from multiple cameras, passing information to the VMS where it can be analyzed and recorded, even in heavily congested network environments.

Any Environment

Delivering superior image quality under challenging conditions, from -40° Celsius to 50° Celsius, the Helios surveillance system is an excellent choice for outdoor and perimeter protection in any climate. The Helios camera can be equipped with an IR illuminator to ensure complete day/night functionality and 24/7 video recording in low-light conditions, perfect for transportation and logistics companies that work around the clock. And as a solar-powered solution that requires no trenching, the Helios surveillance system offers significant environmental and sustainability advantages.

Better Protection

Often located in isolated, open areas with no obvious perimeters, transportation and logistics facilities are challenged to find ways to protect their property, people, and assets. Installing wireless Helios cameras in remote geographic areas helps companies restrict access and gain a broader view of their site for better overall protection. For transportation and logistics companies, this is particularly critical given the expensive equipment and valuable cargo stored onsite.

Lowering Theft, Loss, and Liability

With access to high-quality video evidence across the entire site, companies can more accurately identify incidents for faster resolution, leading to less crime and loss. The Helios solution is also a powerful tool to reduce the occurrence and cost of false liability claims, which can become a big expense for transportation and logistics companies.

Industry Compliance for Growth

The transportation and logistics industry is heavily regulated in an effort to reduce unlawful activity, protect assets, and ensure employee and passenger safety. By meeting security and freight handling requirements with the reliable, flexible, and affordable Helios wireless surveillance system, companies can gain a significant competitive advantage, attracting new clients who have also made security a top priority.