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Runs on .5 Watss
Power Management Design

Get the LOWEST Power Consumption of Any Outdoor Camera System on the Market

Our ultra low powered camera system can operate in complete darkness for five days on a full charge using our integrated solar panel solution.
Half Mile Range
Security Where You Need It

Secure Wireless Communication with a 1/2 Mile Range, Line of Sight

Trustlinx and its unique wireless protocol provides secure wireless communication up to 1/2 mile, line-of-sight. An optional antenna extends communication distance up to 2 miles line-of-sight. Design flexibility available to address critical remote sites with neither power nor network.
Fully Integrated Design

An Extension of Your Surveillance Platform

The Helios System is designed to be an extension of any IP camera based Video Management System. Deployment can be defined in minutes and investigators can view cameras without any additional training. The Helios solution can take full advantage of legacy VMS features such as assistance



How do I determine the potential use of solar powered cameras in my location?

- Two valuable tools used to determine your solar potential are an insolation map, and a solar irradiance calculator. These tools will allow you to determine if a particular location is optimized for solar use. Your MicroPower representative would be happy to help you determine your needs.

What is the temperature operating range for the camera and enclosure?

- By removing the critical electronic components from the camera and moving them to the hub, the temperature range is dramatically expanded as compared to industry standard camera and enclosure requirements. Operating temperature is rated from -40°C to 50°C.

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Is the camera image capable of being viewed on a handheld device?

- The system’s standard topology includes connection to a network video recorder (NVR) and depends on the video management system (VMS) software residing on the NVR. If the VMS can display the image on a handheld device, then the MicroPower solution will support that function.

Can an alternative camera be placed in the enclosure?

- The Helios system has been designed to operate utilizing ultra low power which makes it possible to utilize the generated solar power. Off-the-shelf cameras consume at minimum ten times more power than the Helios system, thus they will not function within this configuration. Industry standard cameras with IR and a heater/blower consume on average 25 Watts. The MicroPower equivalent consumes 0.5 to 0.6 Watts, allowing significantly smaller solar panel size and minimal battery backup.

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