9 Amazing Wrapping Machines That Reduce Floor Space

When you (literally) hit a wall while setting up your packing line, you can get some creative Tetris style. But this could introduce gaps or other problems at transfer points, which could limit line speed and, therefore, production. Or you can just buy smaller equipment that fits in the space you have!

“Compact” is quickly becoming a necessity rather than an asset in packaging machinery. Another benefit, especially of systems designed from the start to be smaller, is that the inner workings are often designed to be simpler, with fewer parts and less complicated mechanics. And that translates into easier maintenance and less money spent on spare parts.

Previews of products to be showcased at the upcoming Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 (September 23-25; Las Vegas), Packaging Summary presents 9 packaging systems that boast about their small size:

Page 1: ReadyPack Case Packer somic americaBooth US-7346.

Page 2: AXIS-Servo Linear FLX Pre-Made Pouch Filler/Sealer AlliedFlexBooth LS-5919.

Page 3: HMT-Mini case sealer from mass manBooth C-2414.

Page 4: The flowpacker range of the lightline series of SchubertBooth US-7649.

Page 5: Vertical form fill seal (vffs) bagging machine model CSB from Triangle packaging machinesBooth C-2614.

Page 6: Compact 12 one-piece MarchesiniBooth N-107.

Page 7: RC10 palletizer from FlexLinka Coesia company, Stand C-4400.

Page 8: ZX600 case packer from Bradman LakeBooth C-4640.

Page 9: New robot cell Pick & Pack Quik Pick & Pack QuestA Pro Mach Company, Booth C-3026.

1. Entry-level system simplifies packing retail-ready cases (see photo at top of page)

The new ReadyPack case packer from somic america (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth US-7346) creates ready-to-use packs in a small footprint of 79 inches in length and 118 inches in width and height.

Depending on the product to be packaged, ReadyPack can assemble at speeds of 160 products per minute. As a tray packer, it will operate at up to 18 packing units per minute; the wraparound model delivers 12 units per minute. Granted, the ReadyPack assembles products, packs them and seals cases at slower speeds than the company’s 424 T2(D) and SOMIC FLEXX III that debuted at last year’s Pack Expo. But the new system has an easier application than its predecessors and a shorter turnaround time, which Peter Fox, vice president of sales for Somic America, says are “two things that potential customers had expressed interest in.” “.

Fox adds, “People are used to seeing our other machines run at three or four times the speed, but they liked the simplicity and user-friendly capabilities.

2. Entry-level filler/sealer handles pre-made pouches

The new compact FLX AXIS-Servo Linear pre-made pouch filler/sealer from AlliedFlex (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth LS-5919) produces up to 20 pouches per minute in a 67 inch long footprint.

With a quick-change design, the system can be combined with various filling technologies including weighers, augers, pumps and other feeders to meet the needs of the product to be packaged. The system can handle pre-made pouches and bags made of laminated, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials.

3. Modular Case Sealer Adds Production Flexibility in a Mini Size

Thanks to its modular design, the HMT-Mini case sealer from mass man (Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth C-2414 Bundle) allows users to choose the specific features they need now, with the ability to turn them off as production demands change without having to invest in a new sealer .

The modular design also allows the company to reduce the delivery time of this superior sealer by 50%.

With a footprint of 110 inches long and 36 inches wide, the HMT-Mini seals standard crates (up to 18 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 16 inches deep) using glue or tape at speeds of up to 1,500 cases per hour.

4. Flowpacker + compact cartoner = a fluid line

The flowpacker range of the lightline series of Schubert (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth US-7649) will be installed at a North American bakery products manufacturer after the show. The line is in fact made up of three compact and modular machines in one: a Flowpacker lightline, a Pickerline lightline (with pick-and-place robotics) and a Cartonpacker lightline which mounts, fills and closes the cartons.

The Pickerline measures 3.5 x 2.5 meters (about 11 x 8 feet). The Flowpacker and the Cartonpacker are sized according to production needs.

The benefits of preconfigured yet scalable machines include fast delivery, affordable pricing, and seamless integration between systems.

Hartmut Siegel, CEO of Schubert North America, explains in a press release: “The modular design of the machines, together with their advanced mechanical design and intelligent control systems, guarantee exceptional efficiency.

5. Narrow frame bagger makes packages up to 13 inches wide

With only a 36 inch wide frame, the new CSB (Compact Sanitary Bagger) model from Triangle packaging machines (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth C-2614) holds bags from 2.5 inches to 13 inches wide in various packaging sizes, including pillow, gusseted and standing styles. The system can accommodate a 27.5 inch roll of film.

Two baggers can share a single scale to almost double the output. Depending on bag length, the vertical intermittent motion form-fill-seal machine can operate at up to 70+ bags per minute or 120+ bpm in a dual setup configuration.

Designed to be cleaned in place, the CSB offers other sanitary advantages, including a solid stainless steel bar for the frame which is fully welded and electropolished after welding, and IP67 food grade servo motors and sensors for washing down.

See a 360 degree view of the system here.

6. The pharmaceutical monoblock combines multiple packaging operations in a small footprint

The new Compact 12 one-piece system from Marchesini (Healthcare Packaging Expo 2019 Booth N-107, co-located with Pack Expo Las Vegas) fills and caps bottles with pills, tablets or capsules at speeds of up to 55 bottles per minute (3,000 per hour). By integrating multiple operations on one machine frame, users can save floor space and ensure full product control throughout packaging. The monoblock measures 2.4 meters x 1.16 meters (7.8 x 3.8 feet).

For quality control, safety, and the utmost accuracy, the machine’s HarleNIR vision system uses a near-infrared (NIR) hyperspectral camera to chemically distinguish pharmaceutical products by analyzing their active ingredient. This is in addition to its Valida multi-vision inspection technology to verify the shape, size and color of pills. According to the company, it is the first packaging machine manufacturer in the world to implement HarleNIR technology for packed blisters.

Monoblock can be flexible in incorporated filling and capping kinds of operations. For example, it can handle screw, pressed and crimped capping applications. Need to insert desiccant or cotton? He can do it too.

The Compact 12 filler/capper can be coupled with the Sirio3 model bottle dispenser and the RO600 bottle labeler to create a complete packaging line.

7. Cobot helps palletizer to save space

A new version of the RC10 palletizer from FlexLink, a Coesia company (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth C-4400), reduced the footprint by more than 50% compared to cells with industrial robots. With all the easy to install and configure advantages of a collaborative robot (cobot), the standardized palletizing cell is also easy to move around the factory as it has an internal vacuum pump, so no external air supply is not necessary.

This update includes sensitive paddings, an improved robot program, user instructions in 18 languages ​​and a shorter delivery time.

Watch it in action here.

8. Robotic Case Packer Provides Minimal Product Clearance at Case

The ZX600 case packer from Bradman Lake (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth C-4640) uses an unusual robotic loader to minimize floor space by shortening the space between the product and the crate. It also eliminates the need for an additional mechanical loading mask and associated size change parts, reducing inventory, changeover times and maintenance.

Designed for the pharmaceutical market, the ZX600 is enabled for aggregation, serialization and 21CFR compliance for complete product and operator traceability.

See a video clip of the ZX600 case packer in action here.

9. The pick-and-place robot excels at flexible parcel wrapping

The new robotic cell pick and place Quik Pick & Pack from QuestA Pro Mach company (Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019 Booth C-3026) can pack up to 1,000 parts per minute while taking up only 155 x 94 x 85 inches (L x W x H).

According to the company, “The Quik Pick & Pack works extremely well with flexible film packaging, thanks to its vision system and optional 3D scanning that quickly detects the topography and center of gravity of the pouches to identify the point high suitable for picking”.

The system is also “flexible” in other respects. It wraps bags from 1 ounce to 20 pounds and allows users to create custom packaging designs.