Bottling lines and automatic packaging machines

SMI designs and manufactures bottling lines and automatic packaging machines for a wide range of products, including food, beverages, household cleaning, personal hygiene, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

With the ability to meet production requirements of up to 36,800 bottles per hour, the flexibility and compactness of SMI solutions make them suitable for a wide target group, ranging from medium-sized bottling companies to multinational corporations.

Industry 4.0 compliant bottling and packaging solutions

All SMI solutions are characterized by a high technological content that allows customers to increase plant efficiency and improve productivity levels.

In addition, all machines are equipped with intelligent digital devices that allow the user to monitor machine parameters in real time, analyze and modify production flows, optimize the use of resources, perform self-diagnostic tests for troubleshooting in case of faults or abnormalities, and receive warnings if maintenance or repairs are needed.

Custom solutions for the bottling and packaging industry

Customer requirements are the starting point for every SMI project. After analysis, a feasibility study is carried out and a proposal is made to the client.

This approach enables SMI to design and manufacture customized solutions capable of fully meeting customer requirements and which combine the company’s 30-year experience in the bottling and packaging industry with its solutions. leading edge in this field, in accordance with the Internet of Things (IoT) Principles.

Rotary blowers

SMI stretch-blow moulders are suitable for PET containers up to 10 liters and have a production capacity of up to 36,800 bottles per hour.

They are available in stand-alone and ECOBLOC® versions, which combine an electronic filler and a rotary capper in a single module and can work with the following products: still and sparkling water, fresh milk, juice, edible oil, vinegar, CSD and detergents.

The advantages of the machines include:

• Ultra-compact chassis, allowing installation even in small installations
• Simple and fast format change
• Efficiency, guaranteed by the use of high-efficiency IR lamps for preform heating and a two-stage air recovery system
• Easy and safe cleaning and maintenance operations thanks to slightly rounded safety doors

Flexible secondary packaging machines

SMI wrappers, suitable for production speeds of up to 450 packs per minute, include:

• Shrink wrappers
• Stretch wrappers
• Tray packers
• Wrap-around case packers
• Choose and place crate packers
• Cardboard multipack pouches
• Combined packers

All machines feature a compact modular design, which means that since the mechanical and electronic components are interchangeable, machine downtime is reduced and the use of spare parts in stock can be optimised.

Thanks to the slightly rounded safety doors with which all the packaging machines are fitted, maintenance operations are made easier and safer.

Another key feature of SMI packaging machines is the high degree of customization that can be achieved for the final packaging using additional devices. This additional equipment, combined with the flexibility of the packaging machines, allows the machine to meet a wide range of current and future customer needs.

Intelligent automatic palletizing systems

Suitable for production speeds of up to 140 packs per minute, SMI palletizers are an ideal solution for optimizing end-of-line operations in multiple industries including food, beverage, detergent, chemical and pharmaceutical .

Composed of a single column system on two Cartesian axes, all SMI palletizers can easily be adapted to every customer need, since different modules can be combined in a personalized way, allowing production processes to be personalized.

The management of the palletizer is simple and intuitive, and the operator’s workload is considerably reduced. Efficiency and ease of control are also associated with energy saving, as all palletizers supplied by SMI are equipped with ICOS motors which reduce their impact on the environment and energy costs.

SMI after-sales service

The efficiency of SMI machines is associated with a simple and fast after-sales service, online and on site. Thanks to this, SMI offers its customers around the world the best possible support.

Online services, including communication via chat, telephone and support request form, have recently been renewed with the introduction of AR smart glasses, which enable the SMI help desk to provide audiovisual assistance to customers for solve problems easier and faster.

On-site support is quickly provided worldwide thanks to the positioning of several branches that allow SMI to be closer to its customers and further strengthen its global presence.

The SMI team will be happy to answer all your questions. Please complete the inquiry form to get in touch.